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SIT Annual Report 2014
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PT Samudera Indonesia Tangguh


SIT Annual Report 2014




PT Samudera Indonesia Tangguh (SIT) marked their 50th year of commitment to trading, importing, and distribution in 2014. This milestone was highlighted in their Annual Report as a significant achievement in their extensive voyage.


In commemorating 50 years of success, the prominent inclusion of the “50th” logo naturally springs to mind. To symbolize the growth and accomplishments achieved during our journey, we drew inspiration from flip pages. These pages can be extended to visually represent the progress we’ve made over the years. Furthermore, the cover page has been meticulously crafted to exhibit qualities of tear-resistance, waterproofing, and resilience against wear and tear, mirroring the fortitude and endurance emblematic of 50 years of success.

Impactful Solution

Our approach to crafting the 2014 SIT Annual Report revolved around four fundamental elements. Firstly, we opted for YUPO Paper as the cover material, imparting a distinctive and exclusive appearance that mirrors the company’s unwavering commitment to transparency. Secondly, we applied a golden hot foil finishing to the 50th-anniversary journey logo, symbolizing the company’s illustrious golden milestone. Thirdly, we incorporated a mosaic-mode snapshot of SIT’s endeavors spanning the past five decades, serving as a testament to their enduring perseverance and dedication. Lastly, we employed flip pages to visually narrate their significant milestones, adorned with elements reminiscent of a shipping company, culminating with a biography of the founder, Soedarpo Sastrosatomo, at the conclusion of the document.
This undertaking exemplifies our capacity to deliver effective design solutions tailored to our client’s precise needs and preferences.
Taking pride in executing this project, Mitragrafia was awarded a Silver at the Graphis Annual Reports competition, recognizing it as one of the best 100 designs worldwide. The report contains a photograph that delivers a powerful message about SIT business.