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BTPN Annual Report 2017
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PT Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional Tbk


BTPN Annual Report 2017




Formerly focused on pension funds, BTPN underwent a digital transformation in 2016 to become a life-centric bank. This shift aimed to make financial access easier, moving from conventional services to digital platforms. In 2017, the introduction of Jenius marked a significant step in targeting millennials and the broader society. By adopting a new identity, BTPN seeks to reshape perceptions of the bank and emphasize its evolution by communicating it through Annual Report.


Transformation, target audiences, and business models are key elements in building our idea. We aim to grab stakeholders’ attention with a unique die-cut design and distinct paper on the front cover to create awareness of our client’s transformation.
With Jenius showcasing its transformation, we integrate its elements – brand colours and icons – throughout the pages, signalling BTPN’s target audience extends beyond existing customers to encompass today’s youth.

Impactful Solution

Mitragrafia devised an innovative idea for an Annual Report of a traditionally labelled rigid and conventional Bank. Their design features a die-cut square transformed into a circle, symbolizing the philosophy of dynamism and constant adaptation to innovation. The circular elements are seamlessly integrated throughout the majority of the pages.
A metalized paper cover serves as their digitalization milestone, targeting millennials specifically. Silver, associated with high-tech, aligns with the modern era.
Further research reveals the inseparable connection between millennials and a popular music streaming platform as music becomes their daily necessity. Inspired by this, we designed each divider in a vibrant two-tone color scheme, capturing millennials’ lively and energetic essence.
BTPN AR 2017’s cutting-edge design secured Mitragrafia a gold medal in the National Banks category at the 2018 Mercomm Inc. – ARC Awards (Worldwide). Additionally, we emerged as the gold winner for commercial banks in the esteemed IADA – International Annual Report Design Award (UK).